Slave Joschi has to be in the splendid room of his masters Lady Glasya and Princess Blondessa. Again there is amusement, further humiliation and demonstration by the godlike young ladies. Standing upright against the wall, Joschi has to let the two young glamor girls take turns spitting in her face and mouth. Lady Glasya then orders him to take the spit that runs down his face with his own hands and to lick it off. Occasional drops of the divine saliva flowing down his face, Joschi has to lick up on the floor at her command. Then Joschi is literally drowned by the two with their spit. Again and again they spit his face and mouth full, him to lick their spit off the floor and rub the spit into his disgusting face.

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Multi Spitting 51

  • Product Code: Multi Spitting 51
Length: Minute
  • 10.05€

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